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JonOne (born John Andrew Perello, 1963), also known as Jon156, is an American graffiti artist. Originally from

New York, he lives and works in Paris.


2014, Cryptation, Kolly Gallery, Zürich, Suisse
2014, JonOne : Back In Town, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong, Chine

2013, When The Substance Becomes Bigger Than The Being (Blood Of Paris), New Square Gallery, Lille, France
2013, JonOne in Moscow, Boccara Gallery,[7] Moscou, Russie
2013, L’art contemporain s’invite à Saint-Germain, Boutique agnès b., Paris, France
2013, Iron One, Art Partner Galerie Laurent Rigail& Eric Brugier, Paris, France
2013, J-Punk, Art Partner Galerie Laurent Rigail & Eric Brugier, Paris, France
2013, Twi-Lights Of Colors, Galerie Martine Ehmer, Bruxelles, Belgique

2012, A Beautiful Madness, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, Etats-Unis
2012, Untitled, Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille, France
2012, Untitled, Barbara De Palma Gallery / Galerie David Pluskwa, Saint-Tropez, France
2012, JonOne Transformations, Galerie Rive Gauche Marcel Strouk, Paris, France
2011, Out Of Nowhere, New Square Gallery, Lille, France
2011, Throw Up, BKRW, Paris, France
2011, The City Breathes…,Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris, France
2011, Untitled, Venise Cadre Gallery, Casablanca, Maroc
2011, Untitled, Gallery Magda Danysz, Shanghai, Chine
2011, Untitled, Bund 18 Gallery, Shanghai, Chine

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